“Going green” and “Eco-friendly,” have been over and mis-used so often in recent times that people have lost sight of their true meanings. Aunt Jill and her line of products put the green back on track.

A business woman and frequent charitable volunteer, Jill looked at the products available to the public and was struck by the lack of truly green products available. “Going Green” means practicing an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyle as well as making decisions to help protect the environment and sustain natural resources. Reduction of our carbon foot print.

Jill believes life is beautiful and we are blessed to live on this beautiful planet and one thing about Aunt Jill is she is committed to spreading that positivity as far as possible. She realized that if she wanted a truly earth friendly product line, well she was going to have to make it herself. This seed let of information led to the creation of her product line. She is dedicated to educating the public and her enthusiasm is what sets Aunt Jill and her products aside from the current market.

Jill has lived her life as the archetype of the millennial modern woman; she is passionate about her beliefs, a tiger in the business forum, an open heart in her charity work. She can mix the perfect cocktail with one hand while graciously assisting a friend in need with what ever task is at hand. She believes in the beauty of the soul and the tenacity of the brain. She doesn’t fear tough negations in a man dominated business world, a world in which she routinely charms and inspires.

Her flagship product Aunt Jills Bed Bug Assassin was inspired dually by Jills own business travel experiences, when she often slept in hotels and corporate apartments. As well as a friend with a new born who had moved in to a beautiful old brownstone that Jill was helping put together an Eco friendly renovation plan. After a month in the brownstone her friends infant had a terrible allergic reaction to bed bug bites. The lack of safe yet effective products on the market was disheartening to Aunt Jill who believed safety and effective green products were an obvious and important market niche. So when she was disappointed at the products on the market which claimed to be “earth friendly,” she saw only one solution…


Jill has started a product line that will not only reduce your carbon foot print but keep your children and pets safe, happy and living in pristine environments.

Aunt Jill was born out of need but most importantly out of love.

Enjoy our products and stay in touch, our customers inspire us with their passion all the time!